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Irina Shteyn RN, CWOCN


HOURS: 9:00 am – 4: 30 pm

AVAILABILITY: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri



Irina Shteyn RN, CWOCN has been treating non-healing wounds for over 20 years. She establishes a strong
connection with her patients that lead to excellent communication and care.


 I recently sustained a burn to my ankle in March which necessitated an Emergency Room visit.  When the severity of the wound and the lengthy treatment needed was discussed,  I was told of the new Wound Center and soon met Dr. Gordon and Irina who immediately became my new best friends.  They treated me for 3 weeks until I was healed sufficiently to allow me to go on my planned vacation but continue the healing process.  They showed me the items I would need and where to buy them.  They were fantastic in their caring, empathy and professionalism.  By the time I was healed, I felt we were good friends.

Dr. Carl Mani

First and foremost, Dr. Anthony Gordon and Irena Shteyn, RN, CWOCN saved my life.

I had severe wounds in both lower legs due to a severe case of cellulitis. I was in acute pain and worried about my prognosis.

Thankfully, I found Dr. Gordon and Irena. They are both highly intelligent, caring, gentle and non-judgmental. They were there for me every step of my recovery. Last Monday, my bandages come off and I am walking toward better health. 

During my visits, a dear friend came with me who is a retired nurse from Marin County.  After meeting both Dr. Gordon and Irena, my friend said, “WOW, these professionals are really, really good. They are giving your wound care a lot of attention, by mixing up protocols to see what will work best! They are wonderful.” 

I could not agree more.

Barbara Scrooc

I had an accident that injured my leg and I didn’t see a doctor for over a week. I noticed that the wound was not healing so I went to the Emergency at Novato Community Hospital. They told me to see a wound specialist ASAP and they recommended Dr. Anthony Gordon at the Marin Advanced Wound Center.  Dr. Gordon and Irina Shteyn, RN were absolutely fantastic and they got me through the three month ordeal. I am a little accident prone these days. After that, I had a few more accidents/falls and they saved me each time! I recommend anyone that has a wound to make an appointment with Dr. Gordon and team, as they are very competent and compassionate and will make you feel right at home.

Myra Perea

Why Marin?

Experience + Technology = Healing

We use the latest advancements in wound care to heal our patients. The treatment of a slow or non-healing wound starts with making a precise diagnosis. Without understanding the cause of the wound, and an accurate treatment plan cannot be made. Marin uses an integral approach to wound care which incorporates the use of relevant diagnostic tests.

Groundbreaking Clinical Studies

Our physicians have saved thousands of limbs over the years through education and research efforts. In 2003, Dr. Alex Reyzelman opened the Center for Clinical Research. CCR partners with a wide range of pharmaceuticals, medi­cal device companies, biotechnology, and contract research organizations to bring education and awareness of the positive benefits of clinical trials to patients, physicians, and the wider healthcare community.

World Renowned Surgical Services

Our doctors perform inpatient surgical procedures at prestigious local hospitals such as UCSF Medical Center, California Pacific Medical Center, Eden Medi­cal Center, Alta Bates Medical Center, Summit Medical Center, San Ramon Regional Medical Center and St. Mary's Medical Center. We work closely with vascular surgeons in a coordinated effort to prevent amputa­tions. We are affiliated with UCSF Center for Limb Preservation & Diabetic Foot.

Amputation Prevention

Foot ulcers most commonly lead the pathway to amputations. Our team is focused on intercepting the progression and inhibiting the recurrence of the ulcers. The goal of treating a patient with a diabetic foot wound is to achieve complete healing as quickly as possible in order to prevent amputation. We strive to restore the patients quality of life, giving them the ability to lead an active, pain free lifestyle.

UCSF Center for Limb Preservation

In 2011 Dr. Reyzelman dedicated time and effort building a Limb Preservation and Wound Care Center at UCSF. He partnered with Dr. Michael Conte MD, a Vascular Surgeon, to help diabetic patients in need of advanced wound care and limb preservation. This multi-disciplinary approach pools the expertise of vascular surgeons, podiatrists, reconstructive microsurgeons, and other specialists to provide integrated, multidisciplinary, care for patients at high risk of foot and leg amputation, particularly diabetic patients.

Your first step towards an active, pain-free lifestyle starts here.